The Ultimate Guide to University. #BackToSchool

Ok I lied. This is probably not an "Ultimate guide" because I'm sure I missed a lot of things however I can say that I have developed some unique tips when it comes to saving money at university. Back to School season always gets me excited because it's and excuse for me to enjoy one of my favourite for stationary. I thought it would be helpful to create this guide for all my friends joining university this year and giving them tips on how to save money and what to buy. I do have to say that although this guide will be predominately aimed at students in the UK, i'm sure a lot of these tips can be transferred to other parts of the world. Brace yourselves because this is going to be a big read...
What do I need at University?
In all honesty what you need to bring to university actually depends on your course, however there are some generic things you  can bring that will greatly help you bing prepared. I've made a little college supply Wishlist (as seen below), to be complete honest not all the stuff is necessary.  
I'm a backpack lover and have been know to casually sport a backpack for every occasion. I'd recommend investing in a good backpack that you can use for your entire time at university.

How do I prepare for my lectures/classes?
Depending on how your university works, you can prepare accordingly. My university put all the lectures on the university portal therefore before each lecture I used to print out the lecture notes. In all honesty I'm quite lazy, I know a lot of people who were in my course like to read the notes beforehand and read up on the topic but I don't bother to be honest (Ugh saying out aloud really makes me feel a little guilty). I tended to record some of my lectures especially the days in which I knew that i'm feeling a little tired and that i'm likely to zone out. However please check your university protocols before recording lectures as some universities may not allow it. 

How to save money at University?
I have to say i'm quite a super scrimper when it comes to saving money. I can most certainly say that the phrase "poor student" applies to myself in a number of ways and with the 300% rise in university fees I'm sure a lot of you also fit into this category. 

One of the the most important things I do to save a little money is getting an NUS Card. I can definitely say that it's worth the £12 yearly subscription because you can get your money worth quite quickly. I mostly use my card in Newlook and SuperDrug for my clothes and beauty items. One of the good things about the NUS card is that you can use it in places Pizza Express which is really handy when going out to eat with friends. You can check to full list of discounts the NUS card provides here. A great alternative if you don't want to pay for an NUS card is UniDays although it doesn't provide all the discounts that the NUS card provides it does have most of them. 

My Uni friend actually told me about this...the Waitrose card. If you have a Waitrose near your university or a home, I'd certainly say go through the effort of registering to get a waitrose card because with this card you can get a free hot drink everyday at any Waitrose supermarket. I probably own every single loyalty card possible and it's a great way to earn points and get freebie in places you often shop or eat. 

I'm an at home student so I can't really give you any tips on how to save money when living out however, I found this hilarious thread on Student Room about "shameless money saving tactics at university". There are some pretty crazy things students have been doing from saving money on heating by staying in the library to going toilet only at uni to save money to toilet roll. It's certainly a funny read. 

Well that's all I really have for this guide, I hope it was helpful to all you university peeps. If it was useful make sure to share it with others. I hope to see you in the next post.
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