London Fashion Bazaar 2015

This Sunday was the long awaited London Fashion Bazaar organised by none other than the lovely TanjaAyesha from her blog Tanyesha. The London Fashion Bazaar was an event here in London where bloggers and independent stores sold not only pre-loved items but new ones too. Ayesha from Chronicles of Ayesha and I decided to team up and attend this event together.

There were yummy cakes created by the lovely Instagram store: @cakesandconfetti which were just as delicious as they looked. It was quite a small event so there was only cupcakes and mocktails available but thats ok. 

There were blogger stalls ranging from Nabilabee to SaimaSmileslike and it was fascinating to see all the different styles. If anything I did partly come for the fashion inspiration. Overall it was great event and I would like to go again if it happens next year.