How to Get the Best Blogging Photos With a Compact Camera| My Photo Editing Techniques

Not all of us can afford a fancy camera or get our photos professionally edited however that shouldn't stop us from blogging. It certainly shouldn't stop us from making a professional looking blog. i currently own a fairly cheap compact camera in fact the camera I;'m currently using is a bridge camera called the Fujifilm FinePix Bridge camera. It is a point and shoot camera which I think it means it's good for shooting landscape pictures but terrible at shooting portraits etc.. ok...I'll try and stop myself from making this a camera review post but make sure to stop me if I start rambling on about my own camera. 

So this picture above is a picture that I took of the Christmas lights in Carnaby from the before picture you can see that so many things are wrong with it, in fact I've listed a few below: 
  • The focus is wrong- The picture is looking a little too messy
  • The picture is too warm making it too orangey

The photo editing tool that I like to use is PicMonkey, it's free and it so easy to use. (no this is not sponsored). In this picture I used the soften tool to blur out the far background so that the focus is on the lights rather than the buildings in the background. I also toned down the temperature and added a blue tone over it using the exposure tool. That's all really. For me, playing around with the exposure settings really helps make a difference to the picture itself. 

This next picture was done at first using the same technique as above, however the blur effect was edited using photoshop. To create the same effect as a DSLR  camera's aperture setting, I layered different blur percentages over on another. To explain this simply what I did was blur the top of the picture with a higher/ stronger blur and then slowly reduce the blur as it got to the bottom of the picture.

Honestly if you want to find out about more ways to improve your own photography skills using a compact camera, has a really good postThere she gives details on what locations and lighting you can use to get a better picture, I'd certainly say go check that out here.

I hope these little tips helped you, if you want a more in depth step by step tutorial on photo editing please leave a comment below. I missed you girls and I've got so many more posts to get up so bare with me.

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