AA Skincare Review- My New Natural Deodorant

Your probably wondering why on earth would I review deodorant right? because deodorant is basically well...deodorant. For a while now i've been on the market for a new deodorant and not just any deodorant but a natural non-pore clogging one and that's just what AA Skincare's deodorant line is. 

AA Skincare has three deodorants in their line; Bergamot and Aloe, Grapefruit and Cedarwood and Lemongrass and Lavender. The deodorant that I currently am using is the Lemongrass and Lavender one. In all honesty the initial scent in the roll on isn't my particular cup of tea, it's slightly too strong on the Lemongrass side. However after applying it and leaving it to dry the scent dramatically reduces, which is great for people like me who don't like strong scents.

I did a little research and found that AA Skincare claim the deodorants have "daylong protection without any nasties". Although I have to admit I'm not sure what they are referring to when they talk about "nasties" (I can only assume they mean harmful chemicals) but I did decide to test out the first part of this statement, the daylong protection. Shamefully I'm going to say out aloud but...I sweat like a pig and with the current British weather getting warmer I was convinced the natural deodorant wasn't going to last an hour. Being the over the top person I am I decided to take a note and see how much protection I was getting (haha never thought I'd ever be measuring my sweat on my blog but oh well there's a first for everything). I'd say roughly within the first three hours I was pretty dry under my arms and gradually after about couple hours later i'd gradually get slightly stickier but nothing too crazy that couldn't be patted down. Overall I'm so far loving this deodorant not only because it is natural but because it works well for me, keeping me dry and odourless for quite a while. The main selling point for me is that one of the active ingredients is Aloe vera which  means it's ok to use just after shaving because it soothes the skin and cools it down. 

With that all being said, I hope this review was helpful and let me know what you think about natural products; does it matter to you personally to use natural products and do you try to use natural deodorant? If so leave a comment below letting me know all about it!  Remember you can buy your own one from www.amphora-retail.com at a retail price of £4.95. Oooh literally just checked their website and they are doing 20% off right now so if you want one I'd say grab it on sale right now whilst you can.  Thank you for reading and  I'll see you in the next post.
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*This post is not sponsored by AA Skincarealthough they did kindly send me the product to try. I'm sharing it with you because I genuinely think it's awesome.*

Post-Eid Coffee Date On Oxford Street

What i'm wearing: Dress: Abu Dhabi (Abaya Gallery) / Shoes: River Island / Bag:Dune London 

After a month of fasting it seems so peculiar to be able to eat and drink during the day, It's made me realise what simple things we take for granted. I recently went on a quick coffee date (as you do) with my lovely friend Ze, it was a quick catch up. As usual she was kind enough to take my outfit pictures. Since it had just been Eid, I was still in this dressy mood. For Eid my brother bought me these cute tie up shoes from River Island that I've been wanting for so long but couldn't justify buying (more like I couldn't afford...hehe). As usual I paired my abaya with my trusty Dune London bag which was a gift from my mummy last Eid. 

We both had Frappucchinos, I had a caramel one and Ze had a chocolate one. It was super hot outside so I don't think I would have been able to have a hot drink (As you know tea's are my drink of preference). I know what your thinking...I named the post "coffee date" and I didn't actually drink any coffee but in my defence the frappe that I had was coffee based. 
Thank you for checking out this post and be sure to check out Ze's new blog here. Can't wait to catch up with you all in the next post. Let me know in the comments below what you've been doing recently and if you did celebrate Eid what kind of exciting things have you been doing? 
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A Visit to Cadbury World.

When I was younger actually significantly younger, I had gone to Cadbury World and I can honestly say that my love for chocolate must have stemmed from that experience. Ever since Cadbury had been bought by Kraft I had been dying to go back and see the factory to see whether it has changed or not...and boy has it changed. 

In the past Cadbury World had been known to be a place full of chocolaty freebees and the first time I had gone I had eaten so much chocolate I was almost sick. This time the factory had changed so much that each person as you entered only got 3 bars of chocolate; a crunchy, dairy milk (Sample size) and wispa. I have never been so disappointed in my life because I had emptied my stomach prior in hope that there would be so much chocolate I would actually be sick this time. (yeah gross I know). What disappointed me even more so was that the chocolate production side of the factory was closed and I didn't even get a chance to see how the chocolate was made... oh bummer.  

On the plus side the 4D experience at the end was certainly the highlight of the night (or in fact the only good bit). When the 4D experience ended after a measly three minutes, I really wanted to watch it again but its only one viewing per a ticket. I don't really enjoy telling people about negative experiences hence why i'm keeping this short but I doubt I would ever go again since it is not worth £15.44 ticket and the train travel from London to Birmingham. In summary would I go back?...I think this will have to be a Nay!

Update: Sorry I had to repost this again, due to yet again playing around a bit too much with the coding of my blog and corrupting the original post. 
Thank you for your patience and I'll see you in the next post. 
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And I go Back to Black.

What i'm wearing: Shoes: Primark/ Bag:Dune London /Hijab: HK Scarves.

Sorry for the awkward Hiatus on social media for those who follow me on them. I know i'm a little late to wish you all Ramadan Kareem (Happy Ramadan) but better late then never right? In this post I teamed up with photographer Ze from her instagram @z.xa. I thought I'd split the hundreds of photos we took together between two separate posts because obviously one post can't do Ze's photos justice.

Even though it is the Summer and wearing brighter clothes are the most obvious option, I always find myself becoming more gothic (well...kinda). I have to admit I'm always attracted to beautiful bright dresses when I go shopping but I can never justify the purchase because I know that i'm not brave enough to wear it casually. Do you find yourself sticking to black clothes like me only because you find it hard to wear colour? With that said one of the ways I decided to inject colour into my outfits is by styling a more colourful bag such as this beautiful one I recently purchased in the Dune sale.  I've been obsessed with pastel pink this summer and after buying this cute pink purse I've been looking for so many ways to style it. So this was one of the ways I decided to style it. In the next post I'll be showing you a different variation of this outfit, which not surprisingly includes me popping on that stray denim jacket you keep seeing in the photographs.

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Once again thank you to Ze, my oh so lovely photographer for this post. She is currently offering free photoshoots to Londoners so if you want to work with her just message her on her instagram @z.xa. I hope you liked the shots and i'll see you all in the next post!
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My Mum made me love my Body.

I recently read an article on cosmopolitan about how this women tells her story about how her mum's constant dieting and telling her how to dress etc.. Made her hate her body. So then I realised that for me personally my mother had done the complete opposite, despite me personally struggling with my  own appearance. My single mum made me love my body. 

My mum has never been the kind of mother who cares so much about appearance, she believes in originality and although her brutal honesty about my in fact unflattering hijab styles often got me quite annoyed, I knew at heart she wants what is best for me. Growing up with my mother and her own weight "issues" has taught me that despite her not being of ideal body size to society's standards she is an incredibly out  going person (say Allahhumabarik) teaching me that you can be whoever you choose despite your appearance.  

I remember once when I was in school and at that time my brother also went to the same school. So in this class (or study session) my brother was helping out the younger years in maths, I happened to be one of the people needing help. I can't really say what happened but essentially these two girls who were sitting next to me were comparing my brother appearance to mine. I remember one of the girls commenting about my nose saying something like  "look at that hump she has, her brother's doesn't". At that point in time the comment really hurt me because my nose was a major insecurity for me. That single comment confirmed my greatest fear that everyone was in fact looking at my nose. I went home in tears crying. My mum believes in tough love, which for a person like me who can go weeks wallowing in her own pity, it's the best thing for me. She quickly made me realise that by in fact getting upset about the whole situation I was allowing myself to become a victim to other's opinions.

It's interesting because other women often call my mother "fat" (perhaps jokingly) which often made me extremely angry but my mother on the other hand never let it get to her. She taught me that people's cruel comments don't need to be the centre of your life. But most importantly she taught me that your body is a gift from God and that we need to thank our Lord every single day because you never know what could be taken away from you.

What has that special person in your life taught you? Leave it in the comments below and I'd appreciate you all to make dua for my mother's speedy recovery as she's still in her cast.
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