Whats In My HandBag?

How have you all been? I thought I'd return back with a different kind of post and I'm so excited to show you whats in my bag? don't you love watching all these whats in my school bag / handbag kinda of videos and posts...I know I do! So I decided to jump on this popular trend  and  show you whats in my bag.

The bag i'm currently using is the mini Dinidotty bag from Dune London ... I got it a while ago so i'm not too sure you can still get it but they do have some other bags which are just as pretty. This bag was actually a gift from my mum, who was super sweet enough to buy this for me for last Eid. I have massively downsized from my previous bags which were super big. I  have a habit of carrying my life around, I'm the kind of person who literally carries emergency things for everything...emergency pins (check), emergency first aid kit (check), emergency socks (check...ok maybe not that crazy). So when I downsized my bag, I had no room for all this stuff and considering the state of my deteriorating back, it might not have been such a bad thing! So without further adieu here whats in my bag:

The first thing in my bag is my Filofax (Or Paperchase version of it) , which honestly is my best friend, I'm an organisational freak, I need my diary by my side all the time. I actually switched from a diary to a Filofax because I struggle with the restrictions that diaries have, so with Filofax's inserts I could even create my own tables etc... If you want me to do a  diary organisational post, just leave a comment below.

The next thing I have is my essentials; I have my Nivea  lip balm (I love this so much because its clear and its nice and hydrating for everyday use), my Bath and Body Works handsanitiser, Cath Kidson clock patterned mirror and thats it really.

And lastly I have my essentials essential (also known as the "I can't walk out the house without them essentials") which are obviously my phone and purse. I previously owned a larger purse by Ollie and Nic but had to downsize after getting this bag. The purse i'm currently using is this Primark one, which i'm so chuffed with; it's compact and pretty. However knowing Primark it's likely to not be useable in a couple months so if anyone knows of cute purses let me know.

You can shop my bag here:

Thats all from me, Leave a comment below letting me know what you like to carry in your purse and what purse your currently rocking this fall? 
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