The World is my Oyster!

Today was my last day of exams! and I've never felt so free in my life. Its funny how when I'm studying I can find one million things to do besides studying but when I don't have to study I can't think of anything to do at all. 

Since it was an exam day for me I was too stressed to come up with a dressy outfit so I decided to go comfortable and this is what I wore! To be honest I think even if I didn't have an exam I probably still would have worn this outfit because I just don't feel like dressing up today. Maybe since my exams have finished I'll have more time to make outfit posts. I'm noticing that a lot of bloggers around the world have started their summer holidays and I seriously find that really interesting because my holidays start in early July. Even though we've finished all our exams we still have to go back to school to start on second year work.