A Bit of Summertime Sadness.

Hijab and Pin: Arusa Collection/ Abaya: Sapphire London/ Bag: Dune/

Ze  (my lovely photographer) and I recently visited the Saatchi Gallery (You can read about it here) and in all honesty, although i'm completely uninterested in Art, it was nice to spend time with a friend. In this gallery-visiting outfit of the day I decided to go casual and comfortable (Well to some extent...my shoes were killing me by the end of the day) and pair my April Bloom Arusa Collection scarf with the matching Crystal hijab pin. It was certainly hard to stay away from my usual black abaya but I did it! and styled my outfit with my blue dress which I talked about previously in this post

Anyway on a completely separate tangent from the outfit; I've got something to admit, i'm kinda feeling "meh" about the blog recently. Perhaps it's a case of writers block or perhaps my worse fear is coming to life...i'm growing out of blogging. Don't get me wrong I love the blog and blogging has been a passion of mine ever since I started blogging when I was sixteen but I'm genuinely developing a disliking against anything social media. Perhaps It's not even about blogging, perhaps I'm suffering from a little summertime sadness. I do hope these feelings dissolve and I get my mojo back. Anyway, as I write this it's about 1:37am in the morning and i'm probably just tired, so I best stop here before I confuse you all as well as myself. 

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Hijabi Blogs You Need to Check Out this August

I always feel like I'm on a consistent quest to find new blogs especially muslimah blogs. In all honesty I find it a constant challenge to find bloggers who are so dedicated and consistent when blogging. However when I do however I jump at the chance to share them. 
Nothing really excites me more than seeing another Muslimah succeed in blogging and showing the world through her blogging what it means to be a Muslim woman whether that is in fashion, beauty, social activism or anything else. So this month I've decided to share my four favourite blogs that i've been obsessed with.