Haul- Inayah Collection, Hiijabchiickz & HK Scarves

Firstly before I start this haul I just want to mention that this is not sponsored and I've paid for all this with my own money. (Alhamdulliah). Also I did want to mention that this is a cumulative haul and I didn't buy all this stuff in one go, so it's been bought over time, hence why some of the stuff may be out of stock. 

The first thing is from Hiijabchiickz and it's this cute hijab pin cushion. Now there's actually a story behind this pin cushion, I actually never intended to purchase this (Though I'm glad I did). I was at the London Fashion Bazaar and I actually wanted to buy a dress from one of the stalls but they didn't have any change so the only stall that had change was the lovely Hiijabchiickz, so they showed me their beautiful collection and hence I end up buying this pin cushion.

The next item I have is this beautiful burnt coloured hijab from HK Scarves and it's in this beautiful rusty orange colour and I've actually developed quite a collection of their cotton/wool hijabs. I've previously done a full review of their cotton wool hijabs so you can find that here. However I have to say that in all honesty I do slightly regret this purchase and will probably will not be adding anymore to my collection. Since my review the quality of my scarfs have rapidly deteriorated and developed so many holes it could be mistaken for Emmental cheese (though I suspect it is because I didn't take care of them very well). 

The last couple of things, (actually only two things) is this hijab and a turtleneck hijab cap (That sock looking thing in the picture). So i've been meaning to shop from Inayah Collection for so long now and the truth of the matter is that I do find their items to on the expensive side. After falling in love with their Musk Hijab, I knew I needed to splurge just once on this hijab. Also I recently got a beautiful teal Abaya made and need a scarf to match it (Look at me trying to justify my purchases). I've also been needing to buy ninja cap or as inayah calls them "turtleneck hijab cap" for quite some time since I've been suffering from the chronic hijab struggle of "neck showing in the wind". I'm thinking about doing an in-depth review for these Inayah products (and some other product I happened to buy soon after wring this post) because when I was initially trying to look for reviews on Inayah products I struggled to find any that weren't blogger sponsored and to be personally quite honest I was slightly worried spending so much on non-returnable products.

I hope you liked this haul! Let me know if you want to see more hauls and let me know in the comments below what you've recently bought?
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Life update through my Instagram

So this is an update of what's been happening with me over the past few months. If you don't follow me on Instagram, Why not? (hehe you don't have to) my Instagram is @zahra_tea. Let's get started shall we:

Zahras adventurezahras adventureZahras adventurezahras adventurezahras adventurezahras adventurezahras adventurezahras adventure
Looking at the pictures from Left to right: (Click on the pictures to see it bigger)

1) Recently I went on my trip to Abu Dhabi, well I guess it's not really a trip if your going to see your family, but I enjoyed it none the less. It was the first time for me travelling on a plane alone and I honestly loved it. Besides going on a plane this was my first trip abroad in almost a decade, I guess studying and exams got in the way. 

2) I went to visit the iconic Sheikh Zayed Mosque and it was truly a spiritual moment for me. It's such a beautiful place and this was defiantly the highlight of my trip.

3) On my last day I went to  Dubai (So here's a picture of me shopping in Dubai Mall). Honestly the malls in London have nothing on Dubai, the malls in Dubai are massive, it's crazy because you'd think that they would run out of things to put inside a mall but they even have a aquarium and a skiing slope (yes there is actually a skiing slope in the mall). 

4) Back in London I had started my new semester and that just means more work and stuff. I had decided to start being more organised, although I can assure you that didn't last too long. 

5) The new East Shopping Mall had recently opened and It's full of Hijabi goodness. There's lots of hijab and abaya shopping including Aab's new store. (That a picture of me in the mall) I think there's a bit of a theme running here... basically I like to shop. 

6) Back to studying and yes.. for some reason I spend more time taking pictures of me studying than actually studying (procrastination level 100).

7) Visited my lovely friend Ayesha (You may know her from our collab over here

8) My mummy had recently broken her foot, I feel like i've mentioned this may times on my blog and on my social media. but obviously dua's are really needed. 

Well that's what's been happening with me recently. I tag all the bloggers reading this to do an Instagram life update post. My Instagram friend has recently started her blog ModstehGlam so obviously I tag her to do this post :) 

Looking Back at the year

I've just finished all my exams (Alhamdulliah) and I thought what better time to do some refelction. I recently found these outfit pictures hidden away in a USB. These were  taken as part of a photography club a friend and I were doing quite a while ago (actually in fact a whole year ago).  Beyond the whole outfit, which I'm sure you're all here for, these pictures actually represent more for me.

About a year ago my life was so confusing, I was undecided about what I wanted to do in life and I wanted to take an active stand against well everything in life. If you've been following me you might have noticed that whole "I will not fashion blog" revolution I was very much into (for those wondering I'm going to do an update on that so don't worry). Hence why these pictures may have never reached my blog. 

The outfit in itself now looking back was perhaps not my best outfit though I'm more sharing it because I loved the amateur photography we were experimenting with, which I can say I quite liked. I guess my style a year ago was more "colourful" if I may dare say so myself (though some of you may think otherwise) . I liked to often experiment with patterns and colours and to be quite honest now I'm slightly more afraid to.

A year later and I can safely say that although I may not be anymore confused as I was back then, I can say that I at least have a foundation to stand on. One of the most important lessons i've learnt in a year is to not expect to find all the answers suddenly and that i'm allowed to make mistakes, that's what life is for.

That's all that's really changed for me and I'm glad to be still standing Alhamdulliah. So what has changed for you in a year?

Shop a similar style here:

I'll see you sisters in the next post insha'Allah. In the meanwhile you can check out my previous posts. and there's still nine more days till the end of my giveaway so make sure you enter it by clicking here.

A Reason to use BlogLovin

As you may have noticed I've put up a bloglovin follow link on my side bar partly because  I've recently rediscovered BlogLovin and you know what, it actually makes traveling so much easier. Travelling to and from uni can be extremely tiresome for me and I often end up staring into the abyss and getting extremely bored. Not only do I end up looking dead but it often leaves other commuters to wondering what must have possibly happened to make me look so blank faced. Until I discovered Bloglovin, now I can read endless posts from my favourite bloggers and keep up to date with my blogging friends. (I sounds like i'm making an Ad...hehe i'm really not) Whats great is that you can read posts on the go, save them if you want to read them again and explore new bloggers on the popular page. 

You can keep up to date with my blog by following me on Bloglovin by clicking the Link here to follow me. If you have a blog you would like me to read leave your blog link in the comments below, i'm constantly looking for new blogs.

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Awkward call for Blog collaborators

Hey sisters! Firstly, how cute is this spotty dress? I bought it at the London Fashion Bazaar on Youtuber Bubblegum Hijab's stall. The weather recently has been so nice recently and i've been able to wear more chiffon maxi dresses.

Anyway what i'm actually making this post for... this whole awkward collaboration topic ...I'm looking for new bloggers (and old) to collaborate with me and  reach a wider audience or you just like what I do and would love to collab. The style of collab will be similar to the one I did last summer, you can check it out here, but the blog post topic would be different. You can send me a quick email at zahratea786@gmail.com with 'Collab' written in the subject line I will get back to you, insha'Allah. 

I think that about ends that it! *end awkwardness* I've had such a busy day today, my mummy has recently broken her foot so we had to get her cast put in today. Please keep my mum in your duas and prayers! I think I'm going to go catch up on some tv and possibly take a little nap before getting back to my revision :) Hope your all having a good week!

Let's talk honestly about Modesty #Giveaway (CLOSED)

I'm still cruising through exam season, and although I'm due to be back blogging later on this month (you can read about it here), I thought I'd just pop in to have a quick chat about modesty. For a long time, I've been struggling with my hijab both literally and figuratively. Sometimes being a modest girl can be a little challenging and growing up here in the west it is not any easier.

It has been almost three years since I first started blogging and I feel like a lot of you have been there with me every step of the way. On my recent trip to Whitechapel market I decided to step out of my comfort zone, a buy a bright pink hijab to wear this summer. I also decided to buy a new hijab for you so that I could do a giveaway. I wore mine by adding this cute necklace, but apparently, you can wear yours the way you want to.

So here's what you have to do to win this beautiful pink maxi scarf, the rules are:
  • UK entries only... (sorry international postage is just too expensive maybe in my next giveaway insha'Allah)
  • Follow me one of the following Google Friend connects, Bloglovin or by email comment
  • below about what it means to be modest for you. 
You can also gain some extra entries by 
  • Sharing this on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram (This will all count as separate entries)  
To enter you need to submit all your entries on raffle copter below: (You just need an email to use raffle copter)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway ends in thirty days on the 1st June, I'll try and do more giveaways if this is successful.