Inquires about Sponsored and Collaboration posts:
I am interested in collaborating with brands that are passionate about modesty and Islamic lifestyle. I love to discovering new brands and sharing them with my readers in the hope of encouraging more people find out about all of the great brands that are out there. I am interested in reviewing and promoting items that are relevant to the blog audience. I will not respond to requests asking to promote a product that has no relevance to my blog. If you want to collaborate with me then send me an email at

Disclaimer: Blogging requires a significant amount of time and effort; therefore, to do a sponsored post I require some type of imbursement, for example, being gifted the sample item that I use in the promotional blog post. All product reviews contain my own opinions. I will not accept sponsorship if it does not suit my blog, and I will never give a store a glowing review unless they are truly deserving of it. I will also never direct my readers to another site if the link has been paid for, without mentioning that it is an ad. I don't take every company on and only accept sponsors who fit the style, aesthetic and ethics of my blog. In the unlikely circumstance that I am entirely dissatisfied with a brand or product that I have been asked to review I will contact the store/brand and we can talk it over.