Immeh Abayas Review: Chiffon Cover Up and Floral Hijab

Immeh Abayas was a company I first discovered from my blogging friend Idil (you might know her as the modest doll) when she modelled for one of their collections. I later actually met the sister from the company at a local charity fete where I stocked up on so many of her beautiful tube hijab caps (Basically the best caps around). So when the sister asked me to a review on her items...I just couldn't refuse...a week later and I found a lovely package at my doorstep.

In the package I got a light blue chiffon cover up with the small floral colour pop hijab. When I first got the surprise package from Immeh Abayas I was super excited to see what lovely items the sister had sent me. My long time followers will know that I'm a extremely colour shy person, I mostly do wear black and try my hardest to stay away from any colour/patterns of the sort. So when I saw the light blue cardigan and the floral hijab, my heart did sink a little. However I did put it on and immediately saw myself wearing this in summer. 

The cardigan is such a versatile piece and I'm seriously considering getting  the black or navy one to show you three different ways I would style this piece for the spring time. My favourite all time material for anything clothes, hijabs, you name it, is chiffon because no matter what the cut it just has this classy element to it. The best thing about chiffon however is the fact it does not get holes that easily so you can pin your scarf to the cardigan without any fear of it snagging. If you do want to get this cardigan, i'd say grab it now because it's currently only £12 on sale

The sister also sent me her small floral colour pop hijab and as the name suggest it certainly has a pop. This hijab is a great way to add colour to a simple outfit or even just add it to plain abaya. I would probably wear it around my neck as a cute neck scarf. 

I hope you liked this review and make sure to follow Immeh Abayas on all their social media. 
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  1. Love these type of chiffon cover ups!

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