Hijabi Blogs You Need to Check Out this August

I always feel like I'm on a consistent quest to find new blogs especially muslimah blogs. In all honesty I find it a constant challenge to find bloggers who are so dedicated and consistent when blogging. However when I do however I jump at the chance to share them. 
Nothing really excites me more than seeing another Muslimah succeed in blogging and showing the world through her blogging what it means to be a Muslim woman whether that is in fashion, beauty, social activism or anything else. So this month I've decided to share my four favourite blogs that i've been obsessed with. 
The first blog is a blog that I've loved for the longest time; JooJoo Azad a blog by Hoda. It's a Fashion and social activism blog that promotes ethical fashion and lifestyle. What I like the most about her blog is that she really researches her stuff. Presenting us, as her readers, with accurate facts...she really puts a lot of effort into her posts. 
Another favourite blog of mine is With Love Leena. It's a predominately Fashion based blog with great Lifestyle posts. What is really nice about Leena's blog is that she opens her life and family to her readers which gives that amazing personal touch. You certainly feel like part of the family when you read her blog. 
Contrary to her blog name, fun and colourful is certainly what Plain Jay shows in her blog. My favourite of her outfits has to be the outfit above, such a nice way to insert some polka dots into a fun autumn outfit...i'm kinda excited for autumn now. Certainly check her blog out for some great hijabi fashion.  
In all honesty I'm not really into beauty bloggers typically but I have to say I've recently been loving Beauty and occasionally lifestyle blog La Vie En Mauve by Jenan. Not only can I say that she's been an amazing and loyal reader on my own blog but she certainly shows dedication to her own blog and readers. My favourite part of her blog is her unboxing posts, I think the one thing I love from beauty bloggers is when they do unboxing, it's probably the really nosey part of me coming out but ugh... love, love, love, unboxing posts/videos. 

Well that's all from me folks, Please, please, please, leave your own blog links below, you have no idea how much I love discovering new blogs. Even if your not a "hijabi" blogger please still leave your links below because i'll try and do another one of these posts but for all types of bloggers InshaAllah (God- willing).

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  1. OMG! Im randomly reading through thinking to myself I definitely have to check these blogs out and then I see mine! You are so sweet to think of me and it makes me feel so special to know that you like my posts!! Thank you so much, this was super sweet!!! <3


    1. Awe it's only the truth, your blog is certainly one of my favourites Jenan :)