And I go Back to Black.

What i'm wearing: Shoes: Primark/ Bag:Dune London /Hijab: HK Scarves.

Sorry for the awkward Hiatus on social media for those who follow me on them. I know i'm a little late to wish you all Ramadan Kareem (Happy Ramadan) but better late then never right? In this post I teamed up with photographer Ze from her instagram @z.xa. I thought I'd split the hundreds of photos we took together between two separate posts because obviously one post can't do Ze's photos justice.

Even though it is the Summer and wearing brighter clothes are the most obvious option, I always find myself becoming more gothic (well...kinda). I have to admit I'm always attracted to beautiful bright dresses when I go shopping but I can never justify the purchase because I know that i'm not brave enough to wear it casually. Do you find yourself sticking to black clothes like me only because you find it hard to wear colour? With that said one of the ways I decided to inject colour into my outfits is by styling a more colourful bag such as this beautiful one I recently purchased in the Dune sale.  I've been obsessed with pastel pink this summer and after buying this cute pink purse I've been looking for so many ways to style it. So this was one of the ways I decided to style it. In the next post I'll be showing you a different variation of this outfit, which not surprisingly includes me popping on that stray denim jacket you keep seeing in the photographs.

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Once again thank you to Ze, my oh so lovely photographer for this post. She is currently offering free photoshoots to Londoners so if you want to work with her just message her on her instagram @z.xa. I hope you liked the shots and i'll see you all in the next post!
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  1. Black is the best :')

  2. Love the jewlery you've paired with it!


    1. Aww thank you Jenan, Just saw your post on the temporary tattoos, I think I might get me some! Thanks for the review!

  3. Ah, your black outfit is so pretty and I completely agree with you that the photographer's photos are soooo good! You should create another posts to share more of the photos!

    xx Wendy