Styling your Black Abaya (collab with "The Twisted Moth")

Hey Sisters, so today I thought I'd do  different kind of post. The Twisted Moth (Aka. Tyta) from the oh so sunny Indonesia and I decided to do a style challenge, so in this post we are both going to style this basic black abaya in an outfit for our own climates. Firstly let me introduce Tyta, she's just started blogging so for all my Indonesian readers please check her out as her post are typically in Bahasa. She's such a sweetie and she reached out to me so that we could do this awesome fun collab. So without further adieu here's my outfit:

(What i'm wearing: Hijab: Inayah Collection*/ Abaya: Whitechapel Market/ Shoes: George/ Bracelets: Primark)

So the best way for a plain Jane like moi to style a black abaya…with black and white of course. I always feel that a monochrome outfit gives out a bold statement whilst also staying completely understated. I recently bought this beautiful Ethnic print hijab and the print is so beautiful yet so bold. Which is why I decided to center the outfit around it, keeping my jewelry at a minimum with only simple gold bracelets. Don’t you love my cute cat bag, so a few years ago (Maybe only one) I saw this bag being constantly featured on mainstream blogs and I knew I needed it, so I bought it. I wore it for such a long time only for it to be tucked away at the back of my wardrobe months later. Rediscovering it was like rediscovering a jewel.

It feels so different to wear my coat on my shoulders, despite the impracticality of it, I almost feel like I’ve browed my brother’s blazer on a windy day. However I love the whole “high” fashion feel of it just resting on my shoulders, it feels like very…I can’t seem to find an adjective for it, but you’ll know the feeling once you try it.

Shop a similar style here:

Check out Tyta's Oufit by clicking the link hereI know you're gonna love it Insha'Allah. I'll see you sisters in the next post insha'Allah. 
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  1. really stylish outfit, love the scarf and handbag xo

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Thank you Susan, Just checked out your blog, liking your Barbie inspired outfit :)