How to Effectively Blog whilst Being a Student or Working

When I have exams round the corner, i'm usually inspired to become a really good blogger (though I suspect i'm probably more of an expert in procrastination). However I usually hear from bloggers, myself included that I can't study for my exams or work my nine to five job and keep my blog running effectively. but this may not be always the case, sometimes we just get too overwhelmed by so many different tasks at once!

1) Schedule your posts. Don't feel the need to post everyday but schedule your posts, not only so your readers can look forward to your posts but so that they feel the regularity of receiving a post from you.

2) Do all your posts in bulk. If you have a day free, use that day to take all the pictures for your posts, whether that be outfits or DIYs etc... Not only will you have lots of posts for your to schedule but it will make blogging less of a burdan. 

3) Don't Stress. Don't over think your posts, it doesn't have to be the longest written post, remember quality over quantity.

4) Use your blog as a reward. This can be very effective if done correctly. Whenever you complete a task, whether that be revision or research you can reward yourself by writing a post! (Because blogging is a hobby and not a profession...well for me anyway)

5) It's ok to take a break. Once blogging starts to feel like a chore or a burden, take a break and let your readers know. When I had my end of year exams I took a break and let you all know in this post here.

Well those are all the tips I can think of right now, If you have anymore tips leave them in the comments below!
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  1. Those are good tips! I should try scheduling posts...

  2. I am such a planning freak and what make me look at this post is that I saw the journals and got excited :,) I like the tip "use your blog as a reward" I think thats a nice idea.

    1. I'm the same I obsess over planners and organising. Loved your recent outfit of the day Gaby :)