Eid Gift Guide (Collab with "Los Angeles Hijabi")

It's almost Eid and like every year I'm usually that person a day before Eid running around looking for gifts but this year insha'Allah I thought i'd be super organised and get my gifts earlier (By earlier I mean two days before Eid rather than my typical 1hour before the shops close the night before). Los Angeles hijabi (aka the lovely Umm Leila) and I, decided to show you some gift Ideas. In my post I'll be showing you gift ideas for the male species in your family and the lovely Umm Leila will be showing you what to buy the fabulous girls. So without further adieu lets get started shall we:
  • The Man Bag: I personally feel every grown adult needs a bag to carry their things in and that includes men too. Yes, yes I know stuffing everything in your back pocket is very liberating but however extremely unsafe. When it comes to men (Like I know anything about them) they don't seem to change bag very often like us girlies so perhaps buying a leather bag is the best option because it's likely to be kept for years and years.

  • Coffee Cup. I feel like a coffee cup is one of the most practical gifts. Umm Leila and I were talking and she said that she often bought her husband coffee and snacks for eid, this inspired me. Maybe if coffee was often given how about a stylish coffee cup.

  • A new Notebook: Keeping up with the hipster theme I thought a notebook would be the perfect thing to put in his new bag. If he is studying then then this is such a nice gift because notebooks are super practical. I'm loving Moleskine notebooks they're so classic and professional. 

  • Attar. This gift idea was actually widely recommended by some of you lovelies on Instagram and I certainly agree. Attar (or perfume) is such a nice gift idea because it's something that they can practically use.

  • Islamic themed T-shirts. This was another recommended gift idea from all you girlies. I can actually say that last year I bought my brother an islamic themed T-shirt and I think he might have liked it (Or pretended to like it...who knows). There are a lot of places you can buy these from in London such as your local islamic store. However your best bet would be online. 

  • Kindle/ Ipad. Whenever i'm on the train or the bus I always see both men and women using kindles and it's got me thinking. I must probably be the only person who still likes using paper books to read. So for it's sheer popularity kindle you have been added to my gift guide.

This guide was more geared toward your teenage and adult family members however when it comes to young boys you can easily buy them games (Can I personally recommend the classic Battleship game) How about you all join us in this collab and  leave a comment below letting Umm Leila and I know what gift you would give to your young child?

You can shop some of my recommend gifts here:
Check out Umm Leila's Girl Eid Guide by clicking the link hereI hope you're gonna love it Insha'Allah. I'll see you sisters in the next post insha'Allah. 
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  1. Love your post! :) And the man bag is such a good idea, men have to carry things, too, and a pocket just isn't enough sometimes.

    1. Loved doing this collab with you! Thank you <3

  2. I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award http://adabofeverything.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/the-versatile-blogger-award_1.html

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