Looking Back at the year

I've just finished all my exams (Alhamdulliah) and I thought what better time to do some refelction. I recently found these outfit pictures hidden away in a USB. These were  taken as part of a photography club a friend and I were doing quite a while ago (actually in fact a whole year ago).  Beyond the whole outfit, which I'm sure you're all here for, these pictures actually represent more for me.

About a year ago my life was so confusing, I was undecided about what I wanted to do in life and I wanted to take an active stand against well everything in life. If you've been following me you might have noticed that whole "I will not fashion blog" revolution I was very much into (for those wondering I'm going to do an update on that so don't worry). Hence why these pictures may have never reached my blog. 

The outfit in itself now looking back was perhaps not my best outfit though I'm more sharing it because I loved the amateur photography we were experimenting with, which I can say I quite liked. I guess my style a year ago was more "colourful" if I may dare say so myself (though some of you may think otherwise) . I liked to often experiment with patterns and colours and to be quite honest now I'm slightly more afraid to.

A year later and I can safely say that although I may not be anymore confused as I was back then, I can say that I at least have a foundation to stand on. One of the most important lessons i've learnt in a year is to not expect to find all the answers suddenly and that i'm allowed to make mistakes, that's what life is for.

That's all that's really changed for me and I'm glad to be still standing Alhamdulliah. So what has changed for you in a year?

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I'll see you sisters in the next post insha'Allah. In the meanwhile you can check out my previous posts. and there's still nine more days till the end of my giveaway so make sure you enter it by clicking here.


  1. lovely post and very artistic pictures :)
    I am your new follower and will be very happy if you check my blog

    1. Thanks for following and welcome to the blog!

      Would love to check your blog out :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Mashallah :)