Muslimah Pins Review

This post is actually a repost from almost two years ago, after I had changed my blog layout etc... this post got corrupted and its images had disappeared. I thought not only would I re-upload it with new images but I thought it would be nice to do a short updated review too. I even tried this new hijab style to suit my hijab pin, what do you girls think?

Original Review from: 1st August 2013
Today's Post is a review of Muslimah Pins' Brown and Gold princess headchain. After talking to the sister last Friday the headchain arrived swiftly this Wednesday, I was so surprised at how fast the delivery was. When I first opened the bubble-post envelope, the headchain was wrapped in the cutest vintage inspired tissue paper, I instantly fell in love! 
The overall care taken by the sister to make this handcrafted headchain is superb. I have pulled and tugged at the chain and its still in its perfect condition, this makes it great for a clumsy hijabi like me! 

What I like the most is the overall simplicity of the design. It allows you to play around with bolder prints and embroidery on your outfit, whilst still capturing the beauty of your hijab. I was so happy to see that the gems were small and intricate, which give it a classy and casual feel! This makes it perfect to not only style with more dressy outfits but also more casual everyday outfits. 

Updated review: 22nd June 2015 
Almost two years later and it's still a cherished place in my jewellery box. I've almost worn it every Eid since then mixing and matching it with my ever growing collection of gold themed Eid dresses. As you can see from the picture despite me being a person who tends not to look after my jewellery this piece has survived my cruel ways. Me personally I would say this has to be described as a jewellery essential. 

I certainly feel like a princess in this beautiful brown and gold princess headchain. Make sure to give the sister some love by liking her Facebook page!

Disclaimer: This was given to me as a gifted to me to review. All opinions are my own and not been paid for.