Summer Favourites! collab with Ghuraba

(Ayesha in the cream scarf and I'm wearing the burnt orange scarf (from Hk here.)

Meet my friend Ayesha from (from her blog Ghuraba). First off besides being one of my closest friends, she's now my new blogging buddy. Who would have thought that blogging could get anymore fun. Yay. You all seriously have to check out her blog, its filled with loads of advice and personal stories that are definitely a light read and really relateable (or maybe because I'm hoping to be in some of her posts...hint hint Ayesha). I know I don't usually do these kinds of posts but I know that both me and Ayesha  love reading other bloggers and youtubers videos and blog posts about what thier favourite items are. I thought we would show you what we're really loving this summer. Lets start off with my own shall we:

1) Neil's Yard Hand Cream. I'm actually really loving this hand cream, it is a little big to carry and the smell is rather unique , but I like it.
2) Lush New Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion. Much like the Neil's Yard cream, i'm also loving this because it's animal testing free and the best part...them money all goes to charity. It has this beautiful creamy smell and It smells even better combined with the Neil's yard cream. 
3)Palmers coco butter lip balm. This lip balm is great, its super refreshing and has this pretty subdue coco smell. whats even better is that it has spf which is always a must in summer. I think the thing I like the most is the fact that they don't test on animals, so as an animal lover I can use this product with no worries at all. 
4) Lush Brazened Honey Mask. This has been my favourite product in Lush since forever, it works so nicely on my skin and is my pick me up, I would definitely recommend it. However I have read reviews on it and for some reason alot of people don't like it, but for me it works. But I think lush masks overall I find work so nicely and their vegan which is a major plus.

Well those are all my favourites so lets check out Ayesha's. Over to her post: here.

If you really liked this post then just leave a comment below letting us know if you would like us to do this collab again for the winter time InshaAllah. I hope to see you all in my next post!

Oh yeah before I forget, JazakaAllah for Sadia our amazing photographer for this post, we really appreciate you putting up with us! Sadia is also a beautiful Henna artist so you can check out her work here!


  1. Love this post!

  2. Pretty. Nice scarfs :)

  3. I'm like Lush Products too! They are so good! Yes please do one for winter!