Were all little boats sailing across the sea

I like to think of life like sailing. The tides are rough and the journey is never smooth but once you reach your destination you realise that it was all worth it. I guess at the ripe old age of 18 I'm still learning a lot of life lessons, whether they are big or small. Here are some of the things I've learn't I still need to implement

This first one is probably the most important one...Never (I repeat) never break a promise! I know it seem obvious right? But sometimes as humans we just can't help ourselves. So for example if your friend tells you a juicy secret seriously don't tell anyone...even your cat! I seriously promise you, I've done it before and even if the person forgives you there is still a kind of stain there! (So don't do it) 

This one particularly affects me the most! Don't strive for perfection! Yep! I know its one of those things that people always tell you to do especially if your at school or studying. I guess that we can get so hung up on perfection that we almost forget that its not attainable. The problem is that when you want perfection so badly you can end up crushing those around you and what's so ironic is that it causes you to be miserable! -so you won't be perfect after all.  

I guess this third one may apply to many people, as I know for a fact that so many people have gone through this... Caring about friends who use you! For me I value all my friends like the rarest jewel, so when a friends seems to distance from you  and only come to you when they need help/something it really hurts me. -I know helping people as a Muslim is very important but I really believe that friendship shouldn't be treated like a business, where it's just “you do this for me and I'll do this for you”. But for me what makes it worse is that I continue to try and keep that friend close even though it is clear that once they have no use for me. So what I've really learnt, in fact I'm still learning that I really need to concentrate on my “true" friends rather than getting caught up with people who don't want me or care about me! 

This just moves on to my last point which is about getting people to like you! I seriously suffer from this so bad... I really just want everyone to like me! Which in fact is totally unrealistic because the truth is that not everyone will like you. Where ever you go there will always be someone who doesn't like you for some reason, sometimes for no reason at all. I'm not one to judge because I have to admit even I sometime dislike others for no apparent reason. What I really want to learn from this is that If I judge how can I expect people not to judge me too. This kinda goes with the previous point about chasing after people who don't care, likewise you shouldn't chase after people who don't like you because you can't change someone's mind! 
Alhamdulliah, I'm so grateful for all the experiences that I have had, because I think no matter how bad a situation is, it shapes us as a person. I really hope this helps you all and I would like to use this as a reminder for myself and foremost. 


  1. :D i like how your posts have become all about your experiences! <3 its great!

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