Pearl Daisy: Maxi Ombre Hoojab Review

Asalamulakum, today's post is a Pearl Daisy review. I've always wanted to buy an ombre hijab because I don't own any and I really like the way they look. So, when I saw Amina from Pearl Daisy style her ombre hijabs I knew had to buy them. Plus I really wanted to try the hoojab. I am an awfully lazy shopper and I always look for an easy way out of things. Therefore shopping online is a must for me, with eBay being my best friend,  i'm used to delivery taking forever. Pearl Daisy surprised me with how quick their delivery took. I bought it on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday, it literally took about 2 days and I never even payed for express shipping. 

When I opened the hijab I was thoroughly impressed, It has a really nice quality of pashmina, even my brother (who honestly doesn't normally care about hijabs) commented on how good the quality was. But however when it comes to wearing the hijab, it is kinda complicated to wear, I literally watched her tutorial hundreds of times and trying to maneuver the hijab, until I got it a bit looking like a wearable hijab. The hijab does snag quite a lot however, I know that she always says to use a no-snag hijab pin but I find no snag pins too big to put under my chin. But I guess the snagging might be my fault since I didn't use the correct pin. 

To be perfectly honest, I haven't worn it since I got it, because of how difficult it is to put on. But I would probably buy pashminas from Pearl Daisy because I guess for me personally its just easier to use. However if your a hijab expert and really good at styling hijabs, then I world definitely give a hoojab a try.

Jazakallah for reading and I hope to see you all in the next post inshaAllah.

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